Microsoft kills off 'Streets & Trips,' hopes you'll use Bing Maps instead

Microsoft MapPoint has been around a long time. How long? So long that a stock-image search pulled up this gem from 2005 -- a photo of "Streets & Trips" running on a Pocket PC. In fact, the mapping platform is even older than that: It was first created by a company called NextBase in 1988, which MIcrosoft later acquired in 1994. Incredibly, it's lived on, even long after people stopped storing maps on CD-ROMs. Finally, though, the software is going the way of the floppy disk: The company has discontinued MapPoint, Streets & Trips, and AutoRoute, with users encouraged to use Bing Maps instead. And, ya know, that kind of makes sense, considering CEO Satya Nadella only yesterday posted an open letter describing Microsoft as a mobile- and cloud first company. Somehow, knowing Engadget readers, we suspect this won't affect you much, but in the event that you do still use Streets & Trips, you'll continue to have support through at least July 2015. After that, you may need to get with the times.

Image credit: Associated Press