BT's broadband prices are going up this September

Stick with the same phone, broadband or TV provider for long enough and eventually your bills will go up. It's just a matter of when and by how much. BT is the latest in the UK to announce some price rises, which will be coming into effect on September 20th. Broadband packages are going up "by no more than 6.94 percent" -- you can check your own plan here, and BT is keen to stress that some won't be changing at all. Line rental, meanwhile, is going up by a pound -- making Standard Line Rental £17.99 and Line Rental Plus £19.99 per month -- and its call plans will be rising between 14 and 50 pence.

BT's TV packages are being bumped up too -- perhaps to offset its Champions League and Premier League splurge. The Entertainment Starter pack (20 premium channels) is rising from £5 to £5.30 per month, while Entertainment Plus (25 premium channels) climbs from £10 to £10.65. Its most expensive tier, Entertainment Max, will cost £16 rather than £15 per month. Higher bills are never welcome, but with some lead time you can at least be prepared and, if needed, weigh up the competition for a potential provider switch. BT is sending letters to its customers now to make them aware of the changes, and if you contact them within 30 days you can cancel your plan without paying a penalty fee.