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Sky's new £15 Now TV box arrives this week

Sky's new £15 Now TV box arrives this week
Jamie Rigg
Jamie Rigg|@jmerigg|August 4, 2015 12:40 PM

Sky announced a successor to its cheap and cheerful Now TV streaming puck way back at the beginning of the year, and today we've learned it's definitely going to meet its August release window. In fact, the little set-top box will be available through the Now TV website from this Thursday, August 6th, before hitting Argos the following day and other retailers "in the coming weeks." At £15, it's a fiver more expensive than the original Now TV box, but that extra cash buys you a faster processor, which should make the user experience that bit slicker, and an Ethernet port for ensuring stable streams if your WiFi is on the flaky side.

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Like the old model, the new all-black Now TV box is basically a rebranded Roku. This time around, though, it's based on the Roku 3, but with one key difference: Sky's version doesn't support full HD (1080p) streams, meaning 720p is still as good as it gets. Nevertheless, with a redesigned Now TV app and a couple of improvements on the hardware side, it's looking like the new Now TV box will be just as good value for money as the last. Especially if you're up for making it more useful than Sky ever intended.
Sky's new £15 Now TV box arrives this week