Leaks point to a new TiVo 'Bolt' DVR on the way

So what's next for TiVo? After the company successfully kicked off the DVR era with its boxes, the world is now changing into one where cable TV isn't quite as important. Purchasing the remnant of Aereo is one way to get cord-cutters attention, but fusing what's left of traditional TV with the internet is going to be an interesting problem to solve over the next few years. Dave Zatz has tracked down a mess of filings and even mentions on TiVo's own website pointing to a new "Bolt." Based on the recent CableLabs certification of two new boxes July 1st and a trademark application, the Bolt definitely seems like a new DVR, possibly a replacement for the current Roamio.

According to Zatz, sources indicate the new box will have a curved design, as you can see a bit of in the screenshots from a (now-pulled) TiVo webpage. That curvy box also matches the refreshed logo TiVo started using this year, so it could be time for a refresh just to make sure everything looks the same. The page also mentioned a Unified Entertainment System, as well as an "Aereo Edition" but doesn't hint at potential features. In lieu of concrete details, we can only speculate on what the company is planing, but hopefully it includes an even smoother integration of streaming + TV than what we've seen so far from OnePass. Until we know more, why don't you tell us what you want to see in a new TiVo: HD menus everywhere? Cloud DVR? A new BYO hard-drive setup?