Apple's first major Watch update arrives September 16th

The iPhone 6s might be what most people are waiting for (or that iPad Pro), but that doesn't mean Apple Watch owners aren't getting any attention. As expected, Cupertino just confirmed the first (significant) software update for the wearable will arrive next week -- September 16th.

The big talking point when we first heard about watchOS 2, was the ability for third-party (non-Apple) apps to run directly on the watch, and not rely on the phone. Two we saw onstage at the event included a dedicated Facebook Messenger app, and a GoPro viewfinder from the action-cam maker. These apps, made for the new watchOS shouldn't suffer any lag, and, more importantly, they'll be able to take advantage of all the unique hardware the Watch has -- the Crown and health sensors, for example. One example demoed on stage was a medical app called AirStrip.

Other goodies in the update include new watch face options, like using one of your photos, and include widgets (or "complications" as Apple calls them) from those aforementioned third-party apps. There's also a nightstand mode that adds alarm-clock functions (snooze, etc.), plus the ability to use store cards and points with Apple Pay and access to more Siri features. There's even more going on that we won't comb over here, but you can be sure we'll have a full rundown soon. But, for now, the waiting game is (nearly) over.

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