Wanted: your custom 'Super Mario Maker' levels

Something happened when we were broadcasting the Wii U's Super Mario Maker on Playdate last week. Sean Buckley and myself (and almost assuredly someone from Twitch chat) thought it'd be a great idea to play through levels that the community made, live on the internet. And guess what? That's absolutely what we want to do, but we'll need your help. For a future stream we'd love to do nothing but play custom levels created exclusively by our loyal Playdate viewers. All you need to do is take the ID code for your masterpiece and drop it in an email to It's easy! We're playing pretty loose with the rules too. You can send us a couple of your favorites (but fewer than 30) if you're having a tough time narrowing it down to just one, and all that we ask if you not have anything lewd contained therein.

You have until 12 am ET next Tuesday, September 22nd to make any submissions. Should we choose to play through your level we'll be in contact via email to let you know when you need to be online for the broadcast. Ideally, you'll be able to join us in chat while we play.

Simple as that! Since it's going to be my cohost Sean that's actually playing through the game while I cackle in delight as his misfortunes, if you could make them a tad on the difficult side that'd be even better. Or, you know, maybe try and curry favor with him by cramming as many amiibo blocks into the level as possible. It's up to you!

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