Amazon's selling its $50 Fire tablet in six packs

It was rumored and now the 7-inch $49.99 (£50) Amazon Fire tablet is here. The content peddling device is cheaper than dinner for two at a medium nice restaurant (without drinks but probably including appetizers). While it's cheap, it actually looks better than other sub-$100 tablets on the market with an IPS display with a wide viewing angle and a nice rich contrast level. It's powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and has 8GB of storage. But like the new Fire HD tablets it has a microSD card so you can add up to 128GB of space. It's cheap, durable and Amazon offers them in a six pack.

No really, you can buy a six pack of Fire tablets from Amazon. It'll cost you less than $250 (£250) so you're buying five tablets and getting the sixth one free. For less than the price of the cheapest iPad you can have a Fire in every room in your house.

Amazon Fire Tab

The Fire will run the latest Fire OS 5 and still has the same features found on other Amazon tablets: X-Ray, ASAP, Mayday, the new Word Runner and FreeTime for kids.


Speaking of kids, Amazon also introduced a new Fire Kids edition for $99.99 (£100). It's just the 7-inch Fire in in a thick pink or blue bumper with a two-year warranty that covers any damage your kid does to the tablet. Knock it off the table and shatter the screen. Get new one for free. Drop it in the toilet. Get a new one for free. Launch if off the second story of your house... Well you get the point.

It comes with a free year of FreeTime Unlimited Amazon's kid-friendly OS so parents don't have to worry about their offspring wandering onto 4chan. Both the Fire and Fire Kids Edition are available for pre-order now and will ship on September 30th.