Amazon's Echo speaker reads you the top news headlines

Amazon just made it much, much easier to catch up on the news while you're getting chores done around the home. A newly-added option for its voice-guided Echo speaker, Trove, lets you ask the device to read the top news headlines on a given subject. Want to get the gist of the latest political drama? Just say as much -- you don't even have to glance at your phone or your wrist. This isn't going to provide insightful commentary, of course, but it could be good for those moments when you just don't have time (or the free hands) needed to go in depth.

This is also a big update if you use the Echo to stay on time. You now have very fine-grained control over alarms and timers, including the ability to cancel specific alerts (say, your weekend alarm) and asking when multiple timers will run out. In other words, this gadget may now be exactly what you need to juggle multiple meals or sleep in on a lazy weekend.