FAA task force recommends drones over 250 grams be registered

Private companies including Google, GoPro, DJI, Amazon and others have submitted their recommendations to the FAA concerning drone registration. The group determined that all drones over 250 grams should be registered with the government with an owner's name and street address. During the process there would also be an educational presentation about when and where to fly. The idea is that if one of these flying machines falls out of the sky and causes havoc, the authorities will be able to track down the owner. The task force recommended that registration process be electronic and have an API so new owners could register via the device's app if the manufacturer adds that functionality. If you're curious about the weight limit, the team of companies figured that anything 250 grams and lighter would be unlikely to cause the death or serious injury of a person on the ground. Of course these are only recommendations right now. The FAA still has to implement them. But it's good to know it's talking to the industry about the future of our skies.