Ford safety feature snitches out hit-and-run driver

Whatcha gonna do when your car narcs on you?

One of the more helpful safety features found in newer vehicles is their ability to automatically call emergency services after an accident. It turns out it's also great for catching hit-and-run drivers.

This all played out in Florida where alleged hit-and-run driver Cathy Bernstein ran into a truck then smashed into a van before leaving the scene of the accident. The hit-and-run suspect didn't realize that her car wasn't so keen on bugging out before calling the authorities. The Ford's SYNC's 911 Assist alerted the emergency services and shared time and GPS information about the incident.

While the feature found on cars from Ford, BMW, and others is meant to call 911 after an accident where the driver is incapacitated, it's apparently a great way to find people that get into accidents then take off.

Bernstein was contacted by authorities about the automated 911 call and asked if she fled an accident. Her response, "no, I would never do that." Even with that compelling statement, the police arrested Bernstein.