The next Ford GT has a Gorilla Glass windshield

We can't wait for the drop test videos on YouTube.

Corning, the firm that's famous for making the glass for your smartphone that never, ever breaks, has now signed a deal with Ford. The firms are teaming up to produce a new windshield glass for next year's Ford GT that promises to be thinner, lighter and tougher than anything that's gone before. The Gorilla Glass hybrid (two capital Gs, one lowercase h) will not only be seen up front on the new ride, but also to replace the glass that normally sits on the engine cover window.

When it comes to cars, weight is king, and the lighter a car is, the more efficient and better-handling it can be. The reason for all of this hullabaloo is that this new glass will knock upwards of 12 pounds from the weight of the GT with no discernible downside. The pair also promise that, unlike that smashed smartphone in your bottom drawer, the windshield can withstand anything the road throws at it. In the included clip, you'll see balls of ice being fired at the window by a high power cannon and, amazingly, survive.

Right now, this sort of gear will only be available on the most expensive of Ford's sports cars, but if successful, that'll change. As with most things in the automotive industry, high-end technology eventually trickles down to the sort of whips that regular folks can afford.