Samsung Pay to expand to online payments and more phones

Lower-end Samsung devices might be able to use the service in 2016.

You might soon be able to use Samsung Pay in the US, even if you don't have an S6 or a Note 5. The mobile payment service will likely make its way to lower-priced Samsung phones within the next year, its global co-general manager Thomas Ko told Reuters. But that's not all: he also said that online payment support is "coming soon." As Reuters noted, if the mobile wallet does start accepting online payments, it'll become a direct competitor to services such as PayPal.

Ko, unfortunately, didn't expound on either piece of information, so we can't say whether Samsung Pay will also undergo expansion outside the United States. IDC Financial Insights' James Wester told Reuters, though, that "moving online could be a smart move" for Samsung. He said some people aren't quite keen on the idea of mobile payments, seeing as using a credit card is just as easy. By launching an online service, Samsung could build customer habit that translates to more transactions for its mobile wallet.