You can build a life size BB-8 out of a beachball

17-year-old modder crafts a decent copy of the 'Star Wars' droid for just $120.

It took just days after BB-8 was shown to the world for someone to build their own, with the first one coming 48 hours after Star Wars Celebration. We've seen 'em come in all shapes and sizes, from a customized Sphero (before the company made its own) through to thousand-dollar versions. Now, 17-year-old Angelo Casimiro thinks that he's found a way to craft a version for just $120, if you have the patience. Thankfully, almost all of the parts required are available from your local hardware store, including an Arduino Uno, some wheels and, best of all, a 20-inch beachball.

The full details are included in the video, but the general idea is that you use the beachball to create a papier mache sphere, reinforced with canvas. Once you've cut it in half, you build a "hamster wheel" style assembly with the microcontroller and some homemade rechargeable batteries. The most ingenious element of the construction is to swap out the ball bearings for a set of four roll-on deodorant bottles. If you're interested in building your own, then check out the full tutorial -- just remember to book four or five days off work first.