'The Witness' causes motion sickness in some players

Developer Jonathan Blow is working on a fix.

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'The Witness' causes motion sickness in some players

Some first-person games -- including Skyrim, Fallout 4 and The Talos Principle -- trigger motion sickness and nausea in certain players, and The Witness is the latest addition to this list. The Witness is Braid creator Jonathan Blow's latest game, and it's a vast, introspective puzzler populated with pastels and intricate, physical riddles. While the puzzles are designed to induce figurative headaches, some players have taken to the game's Steam page, NeoGAF and Reddit complaining of queasiness and dizziness while playing.

"So, really interesting game, but I can't play it for long or I feel ill," Steam player theegravedigger explains. "I think it's a motion sickness/FOV thing, but I haven't had this experience since Wolfenstien."

Blow is aware of the issue and he says in a tweet that he'll implement a potential fix "really soon."

Motion sickness is a tricky problem. On Reddit, one player said that both The Witness and The Talos Principle (a similarly puzzle-filled, first-person experience) induced nausea. Another player reported no issues with The Witness, even though The Talos Principle gave that person "so much motion sickness."

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The Talos Principle, which came out in 2014 and shares some gameplay aspects with The Witness, has since been updated with a "motion sickness" game mode. It appears to work well for many players, though there are still some nauseated outliers.

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