Google is offering home phone service to select Fiber customers

Trusted Testers get the chance to try it out ahead of everyone else.

Matthew Busch/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Google is expanding the Fiber line to include a home phone service, according to The Washington Post. A letter the publication has obtained is giving members of Fiber's Trusted Tester program a chance to get the product earlier than anybody else. Based on that email, it sounds like Google Fiber Phone will fold in features from Google Voice. It has a phone number that lives in the cloud, delivers transcribed voice mails, screens calls and filters spam.

The service allows you to get a new number or to use an existing phone's or landline's (if you still have one lying around unused) digits. Google will visit anyone who gets approved to install a piece of equipment and will frequently ask them for feedback. A home phone offering isn't too farfetched, seeing as rival cable providers offer "triple-play" bundles consisting of internet, TV and phone services. That said, the Big G hasn't announced anything yet, and it will likely take a long while for Fiber Phone to reach more people if it passes the testing phase.