WSJ: Intel is building its own augmented reality headset

Using RealSense 3D camera tech, Intel is reportedly building a device of its own.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As the craze over both augmented and virtual reality heats up, it looks like another big name tech company is stepping into the fray. Wall Street Journal reports that Intel is working on an augmented reality headset of its own, looking to employ its RealSense 3D camera tech to help the device stand out. If you'll recall, the company's imaging tech is already being used to improve the vision of drones and object detection in phones. According to WSJ, the augmented reality project will help Intel further expand beyond the confines of personal computing, following its big push into wearables over the last few years.

"We have to build the entire experience ourselves before we can convince the ecosystem," RealSense chief Achin Bhowmik told WSJ. He explained that Intel has a habit of creating devices to show off new tech to get other companies to adopt the goods. According to the report, Intel plans to offer the headset to other device makers rather than release the final product itself. Back at CES, Daqri showed off a high-tech hardhat that packs in augmented reality features to increase workplace safety. That helmet makes use of Intel's RealSense technology.

Intel's take on the augmented reality comes on the heels of Microsoft's HoloLens headset. Redmond's device went up for presale earlier this week for developers after making its debut at an event months ago. In fact, Intel's headset is said to get a boost from collaboration with Microsoft, but details are scarce on the partnership for now. Intel's developer conference is set to take place later this year, so perhaps we'll hear more about the company's augmented reality plans then.