Hulu's Gear VR app puts you in a virtual viewing room

You can watch both TV and virtual reality video using Samsung's headset.

Your Gear VR just became a very personal TV. Hulu has launched an app for Samsung's virtual reality headset that lets you watch conventional movies and TV shows alongside native VR video from the likes of Discovery, National Geographic, Showtime and Hulu itself. If you're watching plain 2D content, the app will plunk you into a customizable virtual viewing space, whether it's a posh living room or the beach.

The app isn't that revolutionary -- we've seen virtual environments before from Netflix and others, and the handful of VR-specific content (just 25 examples at first) probably won't have you buying Gear VR just for this. All the same, it's still a big step toward legitimizing VR. You now have a better reason to don that headgear on a regular basis -- you don't have to wait for sports events or other special occasions to see something new, even if it's not VR in the truest sense.