The PS4's new update sneaks in 4TB drive support and more

It's not just PC streaming.

Yes, yes, you can now play your PS4 on your PC or Mac. However, the latest update also resurrects old features, adds new ones, and does plenty more if you have no remote interest on depending on your internet connection to play PlayStation at work. First up, your newest PlayStation will now support up to 4TB of storage, if you're in it for the long haul -- or really like your own gameplay videos. The update also marks the return of USB music playback, allowing you to easily listen to your own music -- just plug in a stick and select. As Reddit goes to work finding all the new things, we've added more notable tweaks right after the break.

  • New "Play Together" button invite people in your party to the same game

  • Online notifications can be turned on or off for specific friends, and you can even appear offline yourself.

  • Streaming to DailyMotion Live now supported

  • Teens (13-17) can now create limited access accounts to play offline games instead of using a sub-account

  • Search communities by text, language, time zone

  • Share other gamers' activities to your friends

  • You can tag other players when sharing video and screenshots (and it links to the right Twitter and Facebook users, if you're using those.)

  • Manage storage on PlayStation Plus

  • You can disable the screenshot on-screen notification for burst screen-capture mayhem, you maniac.