Evernote on Windows looks a whole lot cleaner now

The update brings tweaked searches and organization to the desktop app.


When Evernote announced it'd stop selling notebooks and socks earlier this year, the company said it was doing so to make its core note-taking app the best it could be. Perhaps the new version of its Windows app is the first evidence of that. It's a streamlined, cleaner approach with refinements addressing the sidebar's design and functionality in addition to quick separation between work and personal notebooks. The former will even shrink for when you need more screen real estate for working. Overall, it doesn't look quite as minimal as the Web interface, though; the desktop app has its own identity.

Tweaks to how searching among your myriad Evernote missives works are here as well and you can tag stuff by color too, sort of like the system-wide tagging feature on Mac OS X. Speaking of which, the blog post makes no mention of when this will hit Apple's desktop OS. For now you'll just have to be happy that last month's patch finally added the ability for zooming in and out.