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Long-delayed 'Mighty No. 9' arrives June 21st

The frequently delayed 'Mega Man' successor is finally ready.
Long-delayed 'Mighty No. 9' arrives June 21st
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|May 2, 2016 12:18 PM

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you -- after more than a few delays, Comcept has announced that Mighty No. 9 is finished. Keiji Inafune's spiritual sequel to Mega Man will arrive in Asia and North America on June 21st, and the rest of the world on June 24th. The initial release is limited to console and computer players (albeit on virtually every platform), but versions for both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are due "at a later point." Just be sure to think carefully about your choice of media format: while downloads are more convenient, a retail copy includes the Ray add-on.

The launch closes one of the bigger chapters in crowdfunding history. Mighty No. 9 was a darling of Kickstarter back in 2013, when it raised over $3.8 million from fans eager to relive Mega Man's glory days. It was proof positive that game studios (especially those founded by industry pioneers) didn't need big publishers or investors to make their dreams come true. However, the delays past the original April 2015 release window were reminders of the pitfalls of crowdfunding games -- fans are understandably more upset about setbacks when they're directly funding development. Inafune and crew have learned a hard, hard lesson about managing expectations, and other companies are hopefully taking note.

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Long-delayed 'Mighty No. 9' arrives June 21st