Acer reveals Intel Skylake laptops with fingerprint readers

It will also introduce a projector and other devices at Computex.

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Acer reveals Intel Skylake laptops with fingerprint readers

Acer will be launching quite a few devices at Computex this year, including a range of Windows 10 laptops that come with fingerprint readers. Two of those laptops, a 14-inch and a 15.6-inch TravelMate, are powered by Intel's 6th-gen core (aka Skylake) processors that became available late last year. They're also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics cards, can support up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and will ship with Windows 10 Pro. These models are geared more towards small businesses, so they come bundled with some enterprise-level software. But if you're shopping for Skylake-based laptops and think either model could be a contender, you can check them out yourself when Acer releases them in North America sometime in the fourth quarter. One will cost you at least $599.

The laptop in the image above, however, is part of Acer's 2-in-1 budget line for students. There are two models in the series -- the Switch V 10 and the Switch One 10 -- both of which transform into 10-inch tablets when you detach them from their keyboards. They're powered by quad-core Intel Atom processors and will ship with Windows 10, though the V 10 also has a USB Type-C port. The tablets will be available in both 32GB and 64 GB configurations, but the keyboard dock adds 500GB of storage. The One 10 will come out in North America in July, with prices starting at $199. Acer doesn't have an exact release date for V 10 yet, but it's also coming in the third quarter and will cost you at least $249.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is also announcing US availability for the LTE-enabled, 5.5-inch Android Marshmallow phone called Liquid Zest Plus. It has a 13-megapixel camera with what the company calls "an ultra-fast hybrid tri-focusing system" that can focus on what you want to capture within .03 seconds. Plus, it comes with the ability to take timed selfies when you shake the phone. Zest Plus will set you back $199 if you decide to buy it when it comes out across North America in July.

Besides those laptops and the phone, Acer will also take the chance to show off a new 4K home cinema projector and a 4K monitor at the expo. Our Computex team will be testing out some of the devices on display at the event, so make sure to check back to see them take these laptops, phones and other gadgets for a spin when the show begins on the 31st.

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