Real-world 'Pong' might just beat the video game

It'll certainly get more attention than an air hockey table.

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Jon Fingas
May 30, 2016 5:00 PM
Real-world 'Pong' might just beat the video game

If you miss the days of playing Pong with old-school dial controllers but would rather not track down a vintage console or arcade cabinet, today's your lucky day. Daniel Perdomo and crew have built a real-world Pong machine that replicates the pioneering game with physical parts. Despite what it looks like, it's not just an Atari-themed air hockey table. Instead of letting physics take over, the machine maps virtual ball and paddle movements to objects. All the eccentricities of Pong gameplay are intact, just in a more tangible (and arguably, far more immersive) form. LEDs track the score, while the controllers are rejiggered hard drives.

Perdomo doesn't just want this to be a one-off project. He's hoping to find a hardware manufacturer to produce further tables. If that happens, there's a real chance that you could have a Pong table in your rec room -- perfect for those moments when a round of darts or pool isn't enough to captivate your house guests.

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