Pebble adds Alexa's voice controls to its upcoming Core wearable

The device doesn't ship until early next year.

Pebble announced its 3G-enabled Core device just last week, and even though the gadget won't ship until 2017, the company is already adding features. Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant will be available on the wearable exercise accessory, bringing voice controls to the iPod Shuffle-esque device. With the Core, Alexa can still handle tasks like playing music, reading news headlines, shopping on Amazon, ordering food, controlling smart home tech and more. In terms of more Pebble-specific chores, the virtual assistant can read your Pebble Health summary to keep you up to speed on your daily stats.

Amazon released Alexa for developers to integrate with third-party apps and devices, and we've already seen the software pop up in both software and hardware applications. However, Pebble says that this is the first time Alexa will be available on "a fully-independent" 3G-enabled wearable. If the addition of Alexa has you ready to open your wallet, a $79 pledge will secure your Core ahead of next year's ship date. That's a $20 discount over the going rate when the device arrives.