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Ashley Madison gives infidelity a new look

The company has launched an ad campaign to restore some faith in its adultery-focused social network.
Ashley Madison gives infidelity a new look
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper|@danielwcooper|July 12, 2016 7:05 AM

Trust is one of the few commodities that you can't get more of by spending money and you can't regain it once it's been lost. When a relationship loses that fundamental belief in each other's reliability then there's almost nothing you can do to save it.

Speaking of which, Ashley Madison is back and has launched a new ad campaign to convince people that it's capable of guarding your email addresses and credit card numbers. The site has undergone a glossy rebrand, with parent company Avid Life Media being renamed as Ruby to make it appear more feminine. The one thing that didn't survive the changes was the website's eye-catching tagline: "life is short, have an affair."

Of course, any attempt to classy-up Ashley Madison after the last year is akin to telling people that Arby's is a Michelin-starred restaurant. The site suffered a high-profile hack in 2015 that saw its entire data cache dumped on the dark web for everyone to gawp at. The company has now confirmed what analysts said last year concerning the majority of female users on the site being nothing more than software 'bots. In addition, hackers learned that the site's "paid delete" option was a scam designed to rinse a further $19 from customers. But hey: the commercials look sultry, so why not forget all about that and just pay attention to the pretty pictures.

Ashley Madison gives infidelity a new look