SwiftKey's first Microsoft-era keyboard predicts your emoji

Swiftmoji helps find the right icon at the right moment.

Wondering what SwiftKey has been up to ever since Microsoft bought it early in the year? It's not necessarily what you'd expect: meet Swiftmoji, a predictive emoji keyboard app for Android and iOS. The software uses both the context of what you're typing and worldwide trends to suggest emoji when you've decided text just isn't enough. They're a bit like iOS 10's suggestions, only with a culturally savvy bent. Swiftmoji will offer "queen" and "bee" if you're raving over the latest Beyoncé single, for example. If you regularly venture beyond the basic emoji, this might save you some time digging through 1,800-plus emoji to find the perfect picture.

Swiftmoji is only available in English right now, and its functionality depends on the platform you're using. It's a full-on keyboard replacement on Android, while it's strictly for inserting emoji on iOS devices. Whichever version you use, it's safe to say that this is more of a specialized tool compared to SwiftKey's standard keyboard -- you'll know right away whether or not it's something you can use.