Google's high-speed Fiber internet goes live in Salt Lake City

The tech titan's Gigabit internet will cost you $70 a month.


If Google's experimental Fiber plans pan out, 24 locations across the US will be able to try it out. You know which place doesn't have to wait for that to happen, though? Salt Lake City, Utah. The service officially went live in the state capital at 9AM on August 24th. Fiber's initial rollout covers roughly 112 blocks from 100 South to 800 South between 400 West and 1300 East, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. Google even launched a portal where you can check if your address is within that area. Even if it's not, you might not have to wait that long anyway -- the company said the rest of the city will get access to Fiber within the coming months.

To refresh your memory, Google's Gigabit internet will set you back $70 a month -- $50 if you only want a 100Mbps connection for some reason. A Gigabit connection bundled with a TV service will cost you double at $140 a month. No matter which option you choose, though, you won't ever have to deal with data caps, and you can add a home phone for an additional $10 a month.