Uber gives you ride discounts for shopping with a Visa card

Local Offers lops $10 off your trip when you rack up enough points.

Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Uber is no stranger to promos that discount rides when you use a specific credit card, but it's kicking things up a notch. It's introducing a permanent Local Offers feature that, in its current incarnation, offers ridesharing discounts when you shop at participating stores using a Visa credit card linked to your Uber account. Every dollar you spend counts as a point, and 100 points will give you a $10 discount for an Uber trip. While it's not the same as getting a free ride, the deals could add up quickly if you regularly break out your Visa when out on the town.

Local Officers is initially launching in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where it'll be available in stages. The first wave of stores are mostly eateries, such as Peet's Coffee, Barcito, PizzaRev and Uno Dos Tacos. You probably won't score many points quickly in the near future, unless you're fond of eating out. There's a good chance that the store list will expand, however, so you may soon get free rides on a regular basis.

Either way, it's a pretty shrewd move from both companies. Visa gives you a better reason to pull out your credit card instead of turning to debit or cash. Uber, meanwhile, might just get you to regularly depend on its service instead of competitors like Lyft.