Samsung guarantees its latest SUHD TVs won't suffer burn-in

Go ahead and fall asleep with the TV on.


If the constant fear of screen burn-in was keeping you from making a big television purchase, then Samsung's new guarantee might make you reconsider. The electronics giant announced today that it is providing a lifetime guarantee against the dreaded screen burn-in for all of its 2016 SUHD Quantum Dot TVs. Should your brand-new, ultra high-def, HDR+ set suffer burn-in (from "normal consumer use," of course) Samsung will replace it for free.

For the uninitiated, "burn-in" happens when a TV is left showing a single image or scene for an extended period of time, leaving the image permanently "burned" into the screen. It is commonly associated with older Plasma and OLED sets, but LCD panels can be prone to it as well. By guaranteeing their own screens, Samsung is actually taking a shot at LG's OLED lineup. While, LG might be producing better-looking screens, the tech is so now that it is currently unclear what kind of lifespan consumers can expect to get out of them.

The guarantee covers all Samsung's "8" or "9" series SUHD Quantum dot sets sold in the US, and proud new owners of those panels will want to be sure to properly register their purchase with Samsung. While you're at it, you might want to return that new Samsung phone as well.