The first official Netflix 'Gilmore Girls' trailer is here

Grab a cup (or a pot) of coffee and see what's in store for fans come November 25th.

After nearly a decade off the air, Gilmore Girls is coming back thanks to Netflix and hordes of long-time fans hungry to know where Lorelai and Rory really ended up. As the reboot's first official trailer clearly shows, they still spend a lot of time hanging around Stars Hollow, speaking quickly, eating everything and drinking oodles of coffee.

The Netflix Gilmore Girls reboot goes live on November 25th, but it's not formatted as a traditional television series. It comes in four 90-minute parts, each one representing a different season of the year. The trailer confirms plenty of returning characters, including Melissa McCarthy as Sookie, Milo Ventimiglia as Jess, Jared Padalecki as Dean, Liza Weil as Paris and Keiko Agena as Lane.

Gilmore Girls served a catalyst for many of these actors' careers and it speaks to the show's heart that they've returned for one final season -- which just so happens to be all four seasons bundled into one six-hour streaming event. The future is weird.