'Furi' brings its relentless fighting to the Xbox One

You no longer need a PS4 to play the boss-battles-only game in your living room.

You no longer have to be picky about where and how you play Furi, The Game Bakers' distinctive (not to mention incredibly challenging) boss battler. The studio has released its indie darling on the Xbox One with both an extra boss fight and "polished" content, giving you a reward for your patience over the months between now and the PC/PS4 versions. If you haven't played it before and you're up for the difficulty, you should be in for a treat.

Furi's specialty is its mix of classic "bullet hell" shooters (think Ikaruga) with hack-and-slash swordfighting. It's not only extremely fast-paced, but varied -- you have to switch skills on a dime if you're going to thwart the Jailer and other rivals. You may not enjoy it so much if you're easily frustrated (expect to die often), but it can be satisfying when you emerge triumphant. Combine those mechanics with the unique look and electro soundtrack and it could be a game you'll remember... hopefully for the right reasons.