IFTTT makes Amazon's Echo the center of UK smart homes

Your smart speaker just got a bit more useful.

Now that the Amazon Echo is available in the UK, lots of brands and services have been working on introducing their own Alexa Skills. Owners can ask the intelligent digital assistant for news updates, to hail an Uber and even re-order their favourite takeaway, but one important feature has been missing: IFTTT integration. US owners have enjoyed IFTTT integration for over a year, but the recipe-based service has finally confirmed the launch of its Alexa channel in the UK.

Connecting everything up is as simple as visiting the Alexa channel and following the prompts. It'll first request access to Alexa, which requires logging into the Amazon account linked with the Echo, and then ask to integrate with the chosen service. Currently, the channel hosts recipes that allow interaction with Hue lights, Samsung's SmartThings hub, smart thermostats, Evernote, Spotify and Google Drive.

The beauty of IFTTT is that the community can create their own recipes, which are then shared with other users. The channel provides a basic list of options but tinkerers may be able to come up with other truly useful ideas.