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Here's the list of vehicles that support Apple CarPlay

It's missing some of the more recent additions, though.

As CarPlay arrives on 2016 vehicles, Apple finally has a list of models that support Cupertino's automotive software. Before now, there was only a general list of auto makers and we were left with those companies' announcements for the specifics. However, there are some omissions, as Fiat Chrysler vehicles are absent from the group that's said to include manufacturers planning to introduce CarPlay in addition to models that already support the software.

This list does provide a quick reference, though, if you're looking to buy a new ride or get the necessary updates to make your current one compatible with the tech. You'll want to keep in mind that aftermarket stereos from the likes of Pioneer and others also allow you to get your hands on CarPlay. You know, without having to but a new car.

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