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'Final Fantasy X' re-released again, this time on Steam

Because poor voice acting should be endured by everyone.
Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV finally launches this September, but publisher Square Enix wants you to take a look back in the vaults ahead of that. Final Fantasy X and its direct sequel X-2 got the HD remaster treatment on PlayStation 4 last year and now the double pack is headed to PCs by way of Steam. That means a remastered soundtrack, better-looking graphics and a few bits and bobs from the International Editions like a special boss fight mode for the first. No word on improved voice acting, though. However, there's a quasi-Pokémon feature that allows for capturing and training enemy monsters to use as their own during battles -- something first seen in the second launch of FFX-2 in Japan. It's confusing, okay?

Price hasn't been announced just yet, but based on previous PC ports expect to pay between $12 and $20 come May 12th. You know, about how much the mobile ports cost.

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