LG sweetens its G6 deal with a free TV

Carriers are still giving away a Google Home with each purchase, too.

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LG wants you to take a look at its upcoming G6 smartphone so badly that it's partnered with Sprint and Verizon to offer a fairly ridiculous deal. When you pre-order the G6, each carrier will give you a free big screen TV. That's in addition to the free Google Home already on offer.

This isn't the first time a phone maker has offered a TV with a new smartphone, but the size of the prize has definitely gotten larger. Samsung only offered 32-inch TVs with the purchase of its Galaxy S7 at Best Buy last year.

The new G6 handset will be available on April 7 at all four major US carriers. Prices for the device will range from $650 to $720 with various monthly payment options, depending on which convoluted pricing plan you opt for. Verizon will give you a 43-inch Smart TV with your pre-order, while Sprint super sizes their deal with a 49-inch LG HDTV.

Neither AT&T nor T-Mobile have a television on offer, but AT&T will give you a free LG Watch Sport with your pre-order. T-Mobile will hand you a Home device but no TV -- they've got the lowest price for the G6 at $650. If you're looking to add to your gadget pile at home, you can pre-order the LG G6 at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon right now, with T-Mobile pre-orders starting soon.

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