Recommended Reading: Beats 1 is a powerful music marketing tool

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Scott Dudelson via Getty Images

Beats 1 has been a key selling point since Apple Music's launch. The internet radio station boasts a number of big names and includes a slate of shows hosted by the artists themselves. Even if you don't have your own show like Dr. Dre, Drake or Run the Jewels, debuting new music with Zane Lowe can do wonders for your hype train. Forbes details the power of Beats 1 through the lens of rockers Blink-182. The Verge also has a look at how the platform helped catapult Drake's latest album to the top of the streaming charts.

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ESPN still hasn't accepted its fate at a time when cord cutting is all the rage. The only question is how long it can afford to ignore the writing on the wall.

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