Google has already lost the hardware chief it poached from Amazon

David Foster held his post for a grand total of six months.

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You probably have food that's been in your freezer longer than David Foster (nope, still not the composer) stayed at Google after leaving Amazon. After six months, Foster is vacating his position as vice president of Google's hardware product development, according to Bloomberg. In case you forgot, he played a role in the launch the Pixel phone and Google Home speaker's launches. Prior to that, he led hardware development on Amazon's Echo speakers, the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage e-readers.

Looking at his resume on LinkedIn, his short stay is something of an anomaly. Foster previously held posts at Apple, Amazon and IBM for almost six years each. Google is where he stayed the shortest amount of time, behind 13-month stints at both Gibson Guitar and SuperMac Technology.

Bloomberg's sources say that the search juggernaut won't be replacing Foster either. At least not immediately. Which makes us wonder what Google has up its sleeve for this year's round of hardware. It's rumored that the big G will unveil a pair of new Pixel devices this year, and seeing a new version of the Home smart speaker wouldn't be too surprising either. With I/O around the corner, we might not have to wait long to find out.

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