Devolver's eco-building sim 'Blockhood' is finally ready

The award-winning architecture game leaves Steam Early Access this week.

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After a year spent laying its foundations in Steam's Early Access program, Devolver's award winning 'neighborhood simulator' is now complete. Winning an award for its unique take on the building sim, Block'hood sees players feeling the ecological impact their creations have on the world around them. Sporting an eye-catching new aesthetic and adding a story mode into the mix, the full release of Block'hood arrives on Steam this Thursday -- costing $15.

Created by one-man game developer and architecture Professor Jose Sanchez, this unique take on the building sim mixes art with education. Playing like the weird offspring of Cities: Skylines and reverse Jenga, Block'hood takes place on an isometric plane. Prospective architects are tasked with creating sources of water, air and electricity before building. It's a game that makes you consider the impact structures have on their environments as well as on their inhabitants. It's a unique and thoughtful approach to the genre and one that saw it win a Games for Change award.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed Block'hood, when we first played the game last year, we had a few quibbles with its restrictive camera controls and awkward auto-snap block placing. But regardless of if those issues remain in the final game, if you're looking to play something a little different, then Block'hood comes highly recommended.

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