Epson's ultra bright projector can hide in plain sight

The short-throw laser system is low-profile and durable.

While we're starting to get some crazy mixed reality tech using projectors, it's good to see companies haven't forgotten about good old-fashioned home cinema. Over the past year, manufacturers have been lining up to show off their little light emitters that pack big features. In June, Optoma unveiled its 4K projector, which at $2,000 is considerably cheaper than its rivals. Even Chinese behemoth Xiaomi is muscling in on the turf, promising a laser projector that uses the same system as movie theatres for less than $1,500. Not to be left behind, industry heavyweight Epson just unveiled its own thoroughbred. The company is touting the new Home Cinema LS100 as an "ultra short-throw" laser display. What that essentially means is you can park it just inches away from a wall, and it will still light it up with a 120-inch, full HD picture.

The LS100 is a seriously bright system that boasts 4,000 lumens of colour and whiteness. Its 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio also results in deep blacks and a vivid palette of colors, apparently. All those elements combined mean you can even binge watch your fave shows in the daytime or with the lights on. Additionally (as it's a laser projector) you don't have to swap out a light bulb, with Epson boasting the system can last for 10 years or more. On the back of the little black box you'll find three HDMI ports, which should be sufficient for all your streaming needs. The LS100 is out this fall, and will set you back $2,999.

There are cheaper short-throw options out there, including alternatives from Optoma and LG that come in below $1,500. But Epson is banking on that brightness to make you shell out that bit extra for its maxed-out home cinema experience.