The Engadget Podcast Ep 44: Amazon announces all the things

We break down the company's confusing new product lineup, from the useful to the downright strange.

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At last, an episode of The Engadget Podcast where we have no reason to talk about Apple! This week, we turn our attention to a small underdog of a company with a narrow, well-thought-out product line. Just kidding, we're talking about Amazon, which has enough money to roll out a wide range of products and see what sticks. We ranked the company's confusing new lineup from "sensible" to "weird," and also carved out a few minutes to rant about Twitter's new 280-character experiment.

With that, we're going dark again for a little while, but hope to bring you new episodes soon enough, possibly in a new format. Suggestions? Feedback? Feel free to email us or leave your thoughts in the comments.

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