Facebook trying to find employees with national security clearance

The idea is to spot potential threats on the platform before they happen.

Philippe Wojazer / Reuters

Facebook's next attempt at clearing its name from any future political entanglements is apparently hiring people with national security clearances, according to Bloomberg. "Facebook plans to use these people -- and their ability to receive government information about potential threats -- in the company's attempt to search more proactively for questionable social media," the publication's source says. It makes sense, and given the role the social network played in he 2016 election, is a smart move.

In the last few months alone, Facebook has admitted Russia spent some $100,000 on over 3,000 targeted ads during the election cycle; turned over said ads to election investigators and revealed that some 10 million saw the ads. Twitter and Google have come under fire by the government for Russian agents purchasing advertising on their platforms to influence voters as well. We've reached out to Facebook for more information and will update this post should it arrive.