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Livestream's Mevo Plus has five times the range of its last camera

Vimeo is wasting no time in putting out new hardware in the wake of its Livestream acquisition.

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Vimeo probably did the right thing by ditching its planned Netflix-style streaming service in favor of live video. The move came on the back of its purchase of Livestream -- the company best-known for its Mevo camera. With the ink on the deal barely dry, Vimeo is adding new hardware to its lineup with the launch of the Mevo Plus.

Like its predecessor, the new camera is a tiny device that lets you stream in full HD to multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, and Vimeo Live), plus record in 4K. Only now it offers five times more wireless range (up to 100 feet), better connectivity in noisy environments, and faster uploads. Plus, you get access to all the auto-editing features that give the impression of a multi-camera setup while livestreaming.

Make no mistake, the Mevo Plus is a camera for serious creators, not casual streamers -- look no further than its $500 price tag for proof. And, if you want to use Vimeo Live, you'll also have to fork out for a subscription ranging from $75 to upwards of $800 per month. With the introduction of Mevo Plus, the original Mevo camera has been reduced to $300 (making it a more affordable entry point for those looking to go pro). You can grab the new camera online, and at major retailers, starting today.

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