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Twitter expands display name length to 50 characters

It follows Twitter's 280-character tweet rollout.

AOL, Roberto Baldwin

If you've always wanted to use all your names, aliases, titles and suffixes on Twitter, now's your time to shine. The social network now supports display names up to 50 characters in length. It would've been better if the feature came out last Halloween so you could've used that awesome but lengthy spooky name you wanted to use. However, rolling out support for 280-character tweets seemed to be more important to Twitter, so we got that first instead.

Since Twitter has so many deeper issues, it's getting a lot of flak for introducing features that seem trivial in comparison. It continues to grapple with abuse and harassment on its website, fake accounts created to influence the US Presidential Elections as well as accounts made by terrorist organizations to spread propaganda. Just recently, it had to suspend its verification process when it faced backlash after verifying the account of the leader of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally. Some users even took advantage of the platform's display name expansion by changing their names to add "#wouldpreferthatyoubannazis."