Samsung plans new research center to keep pace in the AI wars

Details are vague, but the center will focus on consumer electronics.

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Rachel England
November 22, 2017 2:40 PM

Samsung, jumping on a trend adopted by pretty much every tech outfit, is creating its own consumer-focused artificial intelligence research center. In a fairly vague statement released today, the company announced its plans to more thoroughly pursue AI endeavors with a dedicated project within its mobile and consumer electronics businesses, although it didn't say where the center will be located.

Earlier this year the company made its AI intentions known when it opened a lab in Canada focusing on self-driving cars and image recognition. However, this latest announcement comes buried in a wider statement revealing minor changes to the role of Samsung's chief strategy officer Young Sohn, which has been expanded to explore new business opportunities -- a move designed to "quickly respond to market changes", according to the company. Samsung has a habit of getting ahead of itself, announcing its ambitions before it's close to creating a tangible output (see its ambiguous plans for a folding smartphone and Bixby's roll-out fiasco) so what will come of the company's AI research plans remains to be seen -- at least it's finally establishing itself in the AI club other tech players joined long ago.

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