Karma's anonymizing LTE hotspot arrives January 15th

You can pre-order Karma Black right now.

Want to keep your internet activity under wraps regardless of what device you're using or where you are? You won't have too much longer to wait. Karma has revealed that its anonymizing Karma Black LTE hotspot will ship on January 15th, with pre-orders open now. Spend $149 ($249 after January 15th), plus $20 per month for security services, and you'll get a portable router that encrypts all your internet traffic while masking your location and other potentially identifying data markers. You can use it to boost the privacy of your home connection, too, and there's the promise of feature expansions that include Tor anonymity network services, antivirus safeguards, ad blocking and parental controls.

That's not a trivial amount to pay, especially if you intend to use LTE data (which starts at $7 per 1GB). In some cases, software might be enough. However, this could be the answer if you absolutely refuse to leave digital tracks and can't ensure that you'll always be going online in the same location or while using the same devices. And like it or not, there's a stronger incentive to use the Karma Black than there was before. Thanks to the death of net neutrality and the elimination of consumer privacy rules, it's now easier for internet providers to block competing services and sell your information -- in theory, routers like the Black can help you avoid those headaches.