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Openreach's VR videos detail the humdrum life of a network engineer

For the first time, you can experience kneeling next to a roadside cabinet in 360 degrees.
Jamie Rigg, @jmerigg
03.20.17 in AV

Of all the incredible and entertaining uses of virtual reality, trust Openreach to come up with arguably the most boring content ever for the fledgling medium. BT recently agreed to spin its Openreach infrastructure business into a legally separate company after pressure from regulator Ofcom and the telecoms industry as a whole, but in the interim, the show must go on. Openreach today announced an engineering recruitment drive that aims to attract 1,500 trainees over the next either months to embark on a year-long programme. And for the first time, they can sample some of the mundane realities of being a network engineer through the magic of VR.

Potential trainees will be able to immerse themselves in such 360-degree video experiences as: kneeling next to a roadside cabinet, clinging to the top of a telephone pole and exploring the inside of an Openreach van. And you needn't feel like you're missing out if you have no intention of becoming an Openreach trainee. The company has published all the videos to YouTube for anyone with a PC, phone, tablet or VR headset to enjoy.

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