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The Morning After: Thursday, July 27th 2017

"I'll be gone. In a day or two."

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Hey, good morning! Looking good, in that line-drawn, '80s way.

There's now a phone with a miniature screen for your selfie shots, and A-Ha is back in fashion. Oh, and we've got a Boring elevator.

Your Uber driver is overjoyed.
Waze finally works on Android Auto

Fans of Waze's crowdsourced mapping data can finally get it on their car's built-in touchscreen, now that the app is available through Android Auto. Until now, Google Maps was the only navigation option available, and while it pulls in some data from Waze, only one of the apps will give you a heads up about local speed traps. A push to abolish distractions also removes intrusive ads but leaves in highlighted locations for 'partners.' It's still missing a few features from the phone app, but having it as an option is one thing Android offers that isn't available with Apple CarPlay.

In return, it will use data you contribute to improve machine learning across its products.
Kaspersky launches its free antivirus software worldwide

Kaspersky has finally launched its free antivirus software after a year and a half of testing. The free antivirus doesn't have VPN, parental controls and online payment protection like its paid counterpart, but it has all the essential features you need to protect your PC. It can scan files and emails, protect your PC while you use the web and quarantine malware. It's better than no protection, for sure.

No new cables needed.
USB 3.2 doubles your connection speeds with the same port

The next generation of USB will effectively double the current USB 3.1 spec by adding an extra lane. As such, it will allow for two lanes of 5 Gbps for USB 3.0, yielding 10 Gbps, or two lanes of 10 Gbps for 20 Gbps with USB 3.1. As a bonus, the "superspeed" USB-C cable you're currently using already has the capability for it built in.

The other part of that high-speed tunnel.
Watch Elon Musk's Boring elevator hide a car underground

Total Batcave moment.

The Lollapalooza of mobile games.
Pokémon Go Fest's big flop shows Niantic needs to think bigger

The festival in Chicago was intended as a love letter to those who stuck through it all and kept playing, while also giving the company a chance to unveil long-awaited legendary pokémon. Instead, it was a mess that showed the developer is still struggling with unexpected success.

Say cheese. To yourself.

Meizu Pro 7 has a tiny selfie screen on its backside

It's been a while since China's Meizu smartphone last caught our attention, but in a twist of fate, the freshly announced Pro 7 flagship series manages to pack some surprises. Most notably, these devices are the work of legendary design studio, Frog, and they feature a tiny 1.9-inch 240 x 536 (307 ppi) AMOLED touchscreen on the back. For selfie help.

The consoles you should invest in, and the titles you should play on them.
Back-to-school guide: the best gaming gear

Our back-to-school guide continues with gaming, and we've got consoles and notable titles to help you get through the next semester or two.

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