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'Hamilton' app helps you get tickets, take embarrassing selfies

Ticket lotteries, stickers and your face on the $10 bill.

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Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Hamilton: An American Musical is the most popular Broadway production in recent memory, and now it's coming to your phone -- beyond the soundtrack (and mixtape) you've had on repeat the last two years. Hamilton: The Official App has just about everything a fan could ask for including $10 ticket lotteries, a merch store, stickers and updates from Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. And yes, you can even put yourself on the $10 bill or don your favorite Schulyer sister's dress. It's all very zeitgeisty and best of all, available on Android and iOS.

In the future, it'll also include "exclusive" access to tickets, some sort of augmented reality functionality and, speaking of the soundtrack, interactive karaoke songs. If you've annoyed your friends because you can't stop singing "Room Where It Happens," this might be the best app you download all week.

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