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Google Assistant app now available on iPhones in Europe

The app originally launched in the US back in May.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
08.25.17 in Mobile

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If you've been hankering for a chance to play with Google Assistant but don't own an Android phone, Google Home or hate the Allo messaging app, we have good news: Google announced today that the standalone Assistant app has begun rolling out for iOS in the UK, Germany and France, following its US debut back in May.

The app lets you converse with Google's AI using your voice, which means you'll likely ask it to answer your questions or use it interact with your smart home devices. Assistant can interact with smart lighting and thermostats, as well as handling calls, sending messages, setting reminders and calendar events, playing music (albeit via YouTube) and directing you home.

Google says the app is designed to operate on devices running iOS 9.1 and above, which should cover the majority of iPhone and iPad users. As we noted in our recent Google Home breakdown, Assistant utilises Google's search smarts, so it can help you find what you want faster. As Amazon and Apple continue to improve their offerings at a steady rate, it might be worth taking it for a spin, even if you're already well-acquainted with Alexa or Siri.

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