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Tesla drops the price of its most expensive EVs

More efficient battery production means a lower price tag.

The prices of Tesla's top-of-the-range vehicles dropped overnight thanks to efficiency improvements in the way the brand's 100 kWh batteries are made. Better efficiency means lower production costs, and Tesla is passing its savings straight on to you. Discounts range from $3,500 to $5,000, include both the Model S and Model X, and put prices back to where they were before a small increase was added back in April. The discounts also follow a price drop for the Model X earlier this month, which came about due to its improved profit margins.

Of course, Teslas aren't the cheapest vehicles available, but if you've been considering joining the EV club, now's the time to buy (the discounts also affects current orders that haven't yet been fulfilled). Here's the new price list:

  • Model S 100D: $97,500 down to $94,000
  • Model S P100D: $140,000 down to $135,000
  • Model X 100D: $99,500 down to $96,000
  • Model X P100D: $145,000 down to $140,000

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