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Google's Voice Experiments harness the power of Assistant

You can make music, play games and even create memes.
Mike Bodge

Google already has technological showcases for Chrome, neural networks and other technologies, so why not demonstrate what Assistant can do? Sure enough, it's doing just that. Its newly launched Voice Experiments site highlights projects that use Assistant tools (such as Actions on Google) to perform odd feats using only the AI companion. Google's own MixLab lets you create music just by making requests. Mystery Animal lets you play the classic "guess what I am" game. Story Speaker lets you tell tales you've written in Google Docs. And then there's Meme Buddy -- you can create dank memes in a matter of seconds just by describing them.

There are only those four experiments to play with right now, but you can use all but Meme Buddy in some form using your phone, a Home speaker or anything else that takes Assistant requests. And really, the goal isn't so much entertainment as it is inspiring developers who might not have realized what was possible using Google's virtual helper.

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